Ad Maiora- The Beginning

“Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, while other times out of nowhere you find yourself.” -Anonymous 

  Ad Maiora.  A latin term I came to love just two years ago. Scrolling through my Pinterest, (cliche, I know.) I came across these simple words that changed my whole perspective.  Why has it grown to mean so much? It’s just words, right?

I started small by writing it in the corner of my study guides in college. A little motivation for when I felt like quitting. An uplifting message to a higher purpose. When the semester concluded, I put a sticky note on the mirror I get ready in front of every morning. Something renewing to wake up to. My mindset improved, life progressed, and I became genuinely happier. I hadn’t been looking for a sign, but it had found me. Almost a year after writing it down, I did something I never thought I would consider- a more permanent option. Ad Maiora is always with me, and I don’t regret it a single bit.

If you were to ask me what I am doing right now, I would tell you I am definitely sipping a hot cup of turmeric matcha tea in my robe/slippers, and booking a flight as I type this. The apartment is reserved, the clothes are laid out, and my fresh SD card is screaming for new photos. I can’t wait to tell you all where I am headed next. I just can’t sit still. Always in motion with new things to try and experience every day. I’m the soul to drive through the city at night just for the lights. The independent to take myself out for dinner after a stressful day. The wild to book a flight a couple days beforehand. Typing all of this, it brings a smile to my face.

Looking back on 2017, it was a huge year. I opened my blog and youtube channel, bought my first DSLR, chartered to an island in the Atlantic, traveled to New York City 3 times, Savannah (3x), Charleston, Nashville, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Duluth, and of course- Canada. So many memories made, so many new memories to make. Something about the adventure…

The feeling of holding that crisp plane ticket, or stepping out of a new airport for the first time- it’s like no other and can’t be compared to anything else. euphoric. Liberating to say the least. So….this is what freedom feels like?


The truth is, it’s more than a post on Pinterest, words on paper, or a sticky note on a mirror. I don’t want to settle. I’m living my life out of curiosity and doing the things I have always wanted to accomplish, rather than continuing to dream on everything my life could be- comparing it to what it is. It’s never too late to start over. If your life is taken up by a job that’s unfulfilling, routines that bore you, and relationships that revolve around small talk and lack of commitment – maybe it’s time for a change. Maybe it’s your turn to do what you really want. How long do we really have? How long are we willing to wait, and how many times are we going to tell ourselves we’ll try again tomorrow?

Be the person who knows what they want and actually goes after it. Love unconditionally, share your knowledge and talents, build others up, and continue on. Learn the gift of being content on your own, and knowing when to move on from someone who doesn’t deserve you.  So, ladies and gents- Go get that cup of coffee at your favorite cafe, wear that outfit after fearing the skepticism, buy the ticket, pack your bags, and get out of the box called conventional.  Of all things to commit to, commit to yourself.



Ad Maiora. Because in the end, we all possess the drive Towards Greater Things.


I’ll see you soon.




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