If You’re Learning to Love Yourself…

 “If I were to ask you to list all the things that you love, how long would it take for you to mention your body and soul?”

  If you are reading this, chances are you’re exactly where I was just a little over a year ago. I was surfing the internet when I came across the quote ” If I were to ask you to list the things that you love, how long would it take for you to mention yourself?” It’s arduous to think about, but the truth is – It’s not when you begin to make yourself a priority that you fully realize what’s truly been neglected.

The journey to self-acceptance is an adventure in its own. There are many different ways you can go about it but after careful consideration, here are my tips and ideas:


  1. Listen to your body.  Make rest a priority. Not only does lack of sleep affect your physical appearance, but also slows your mental performance. Drink more water, cut back on sugar, processed foods, and caffeine. Easier said than done~ trust me, I know. But, once you make it a habit- Cravings will subside, you’ll have more energy, and mental health will improve.
  2. Impress. Push yourself every day to learn something new/ complete something you would normally procrastinate. Forget any held competition with outside variables. What can YOU do that would impress the person you were a year, month, or even a day ago? Apply it.
  3. Detox the self-criticism. Sometimes I truly believe we are our greatest enemy. The society and the culture we have all grown around has conditioned our minds to believe we are not enough based on comparisons. When are we going start looking at “failures” as lessons or setbacks a possible new opportunity? Embrace your uniqueness, love the differences, and accept the change.
  4. Put time aside to relax. Light those candles, invest in the apothecary and take time to yourself. Write what’s on your mind, or read about others’. Treat yourself to the things that matter, remind you of your worth and bring guilt-free happiness.
  5. Consider Spirituality. Be it Christianity, Buddhism, or something completely different- having a greater direction in life can be a cornerstone of self-love and acceptance.

Sounds easy, right? This may come as a surprise to you, but you’ve probably heard most/ if not all of these before. Implement one, two, or all of them.


Take time to enjoy your own presence. If you were to put the phone on vibrate, turn the music off, unplug the television, and go out alone- do you really think you could do it? Sometimes we get so used to the white noise, that we forget the comfort of silence. The comfort of enjoying your own presence. Enjoying what you have to offer to yourself, and then reciprocating it to others, passing on the gift? I personally tend to be affected by social anxiety from time to time, so naturally, I started simple.

The “Solo” Checklist/My Notes (unplugged)
– Park (When I’m in Atlanta, I love walking the beltline out to Piedmont Park. 10 pts. if you find the piano!)
– Shopping (I flew to the Mall of America/MSP for a day. It was surprisingly fulfilling under the realization that you can move at your own pace in such a huge outlet.)
– Cafe ( My favorite in New York is ChaCha Matcha. Nestled in Nolita, it’s the perfect location to get some writing in, phone a friend, or people watch. Go grab a Dough’ssant while you’re there 😉
– Museum or Gallery (My first solo trip was to MOMA…surprise, it was in NYC.)
– Solo vacation ( I haven’t personally tried this one yet, but all in good time.)



Remember, this is a process. It’s not meant to happen overnight and like all great things in life, take time. Don’t set a deadline on inner peace. I can promise that once you find it, it’ll blow your mind how you’ve gone so long without it.

Best of luck,



p.s. – This is all unedited. Such topics do not need to be structured and rigid. Enjoy the imperfections, because in a limelight it’s truly perfect in its own way, just like you are 😉

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